Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't posted in a while because there has been a lot going on emotionally and I didn't know how or what I was allowed to share! BUT FINALLY! After many many months, we received a lovely email from the Embassy stating...

Ms. Gibbs,

Thank you for your email dated on Sept 6. We wish to inform you that your son's adoption investigation is completed and his visa is ready to be PRINTED!!!!!!!!

So today, our POA is taking S boy's passport to the Embassy so his visa can be printed on Friday.

I do have to tell you that the experience in finding out that our boy is coming home after many months of "fighting" for him, praying for him, missing him - was unlike any experience I have ever had. It was much more "emotional" than the birth of our daughter - not because I love him more, or wasn't excited for Adalee to be born (I was in labor for 36 hours - I was MORE than ready!!) it was just different.

I have felt in "bondage" not knowing when or if my boy was ever going to come home. I felt like my heart had to constantly be guarded because we'd get these little glimpses of "hope" and then nothing. I was having to have other people carry me in prayer, because my soul was exhausted of praying continually. But when I opened up that little email and read those words- Jesse told me that I reacted in a way that a mom who just found out that her kidnapped son was alive - and not hurt and that he was coming home. NOW, Sammy was NEVER kidnapped! He was never in any danger and ALWAYS taken care of. But it was this huge weight lifted and the walls of my guarded heart were broken down - I could feel all that love rushing over me and it caused me to physically shake uncontrollably and weep like I've never cried before. God's spirit was ever so near reminding me that what he started, he is bringing to completion.

God, you are SO good and YOU stay faithful, even when we question.

Now, I'm praying for all the other families who have been waiting for thier child(ren)'s visas. Lord, bring good news for them this week too!!