Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get a biddin' and send me packin'

I am in awe of how donations have just poured in these last couple of weeks.  I wish I could just KISS you all.  And I LOVE the timing of each donation.  Just when I felt hopeless and asked God - "Lord, am I just a crazy person???  I really thought you had divinely called us to GO NOW, but how Jesus?  The funds just aren't there."  And then people, I open up my email and see a $500 donation from an old friend whom I hadn't even told her about Eban Project yet!  WHAT??  And then the next day I open an envelope from our mailbox with cash and a sweet note from 2 lovely sisters.  Come to find out these sisters had just started a new business and believed in God's work through EP so much that they are continually giving 10% of their profit to us.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!  And seriously folks, story after story of this - of God's faithfulness.  We're not totally funded yet, but we're more than HALF WAY THERE!  Only about $3300 more.

But, if I were honest, that $3300 scares me, sends a yucky feeling into my stomach, because that's $3300 we just don't have but need in three weeks!  So we'll wait, we'll trust, and we'll beg you again to donate.  But this time, maybe you can walk away with something that will remind you of us.  And, every time you see that item, you'll lift EP and the people of Ghana up in your prayers.

Here's the scoop... we've collected some amazing items and we're going to auction them off through 32auctions.  Come by and take a peek and help yourself to some beautiful artwork by Sarah Carter, beautiful tutus and tutu dresses for your little misses (we even have one in Ghanaian colors, YES WE DO!), some yummy treats, and even some goodies from Paper&String as well as Smell Swell.  OH, and wait... you still don't have your taxes done, you say?  OR you are already looking for someone to do them next year - no need to look any further, we have a CPA who has donated his services... yes we do.  And he is well versed in adoption tax credit and can work in all 50 states.  So BOOM.  Go buy.

One little thing.  Yes, it's a little pesky that you have to become a "member" of 32auctions to actually participate and bid.  But guys, it's easy as pie.  After you click HERE for our auction listing, you'll be able to browse our auction and if anything tickles your fancy, then click on the tab LOGIN where you'll be directed to "Create an Account."  Your name, email, bidder name, and a password.  That's it.  Then they send you a little email verifying YOU and it takes you right back where you can give us all your cash donate to our first trip as Eban Project. If the auction thing isn't really you, but you'd still like to donate, we'd LOVE that and kiss your feet, well maybe hug your neck.  You can do that at our website .

Happy Bidding!

x, b