Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yucky Money!

Money... YUCK! I hate money! I hate how much this whole process costs! I hate that we have to pay close to $25,000 to just bring a child home - and that doesn't include buying him clothes or a bed! We have applied for 3 grants that hopefully will put a dint in our costs. However, we just got a "lovely" email from one of the organizations telling us that due to the economy - people had stopped giving and they had no funds to give to parents who wanted to adopt! Seriously? I don't know how God will provide for our little one to come home, but I know He will! I trust that He will! I have to trust - I don't have a choice! He is the only one who can provide for us. If you know of any grants for adoptions, or would love to contribute - or know any one who would like to contribute - please email me! Your prayers are SO needed at this time. Pray for our little one(s), pray for AAI that they can take care of them until we get to Ghana! Pray for their birth mom and family, for comfort - for the chance to meet us when we're in Ghana. Pray for us, that God will prepare us, that He will provide for every detail needed to bring this child home. And pray for patience for ME! That I can patiently wait on God and His timing! xoxo, B

Our Little Guy!

This week has been filled with many wishful daydreams about our little guy. On September 1, at 9:30am CA time, I got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to pray for our child's birth mom. God didn't give me clear insight about anything... just that I needed to pray for courage for her. The thought crossed my mind, that maybe she was at the Eban House, our orphanage, giving her child(ren) to AAI (our agency) to take care of. I don't know - but that picture is such a hard picture. For me to make a child one of my own children, they have to lose their mother/parents/family and a mother has to give up her child. It breaks my heart for everyone involved. But our family will love that child, already LOVES this child so much, because he/she is also ours!

I am using she/he, child(ren) because we don't have an official referral yet. We are open to a boy or girl, and to one child or 2 siblings. Who knows what God will do - but I just want him to do it NOW. I ache, literally ache to hold this child of ours, to kiss them, play with them, read to them...

And then, last night I had the most beautiful dream! I dreamed about him. He was a year old, chunky little boy, with full cheeks and a little afro! He was ours. And, Anita - our placement agent, called me to tell us that she had our son in Ghana! He was ours and we could go to him! For some reason, we didn't have to wait the 6-8 months for his visa to go through, his adoption to go to court - we could just go and get him!! A dream, I know... but it felt so good. When will this happen?? I NEED it sooner than later! Yes, I'm selfish - but I'm also his mom and he needs to be with his family. I love you, little man!

Adalee's Birthday!

We had so much fun celebrating our daughter's ONE YEAR bday! I can't believe for ONE year already we have been able to hug her, kiss her, snuggle her, play with her, pray with her, and just be with her! She is such a joy to have, and I can't believe God chose US to be her parents!

She has never had any processed sugar! What did I start? Actually - Jesse had to put it in her mouth, she really didn't like it. =)

We were so blessed to have 50 of our friends and family come and join us for this fun party! She received so many wonderful books, many books from different cultures - WHICH I LOVE, a couple of black baby dolls - another favorite of hers, wooden blocks, handmade dresses, bows, toys, clothes, and... a CELL PHONE - smile smile smile.

The phone is actually for us - my parents put us on their plan so we can text with them, call them for free, ect! It's actually a great great idea because we had so few minutes on our plan, that we weren't able to talk to them as much as we would like. They live all the way in Oklahoma, 1500 miles away. =( But this way, Adalee NEVER has to worry about not talking to them. She LOVES to talk on the phone with them and SKYPE with them. It's almost an every day occurrence.

Our friends and family, at her party, had the chance to pray over our little girl too - what a blessing. I am so happy that we get to raise Adalee with people who LOVE her so much. I really do believe that it takes a village to raise a child - that's what I HATE about this culture! Why does everyone believe that they can or are supposed to do it on their own? We can't do it on our own. I am happy that we do have our little own village that is helping us raise her. So thank you to our "village!" We love you! And thank you for loving our baby!

Dear Lord, Thank you for my little Adalee Maiah! Thank you for sparing her little life from Cystic Fibrosis. Thank you for filling her with joy, energy, and love for every little thing. You have blessed us far beyond what I could imagine. Thank you for teaching me how much you love me through the love you have given me for my daughter! Help us to raise her to know you intimately. Grow her faith. Bring her people in her life that speak truth to her, that will love her for her. Bring her friends - good girl friends. Give her a husband one day that is just like her daddy is to me. One who treats her like a queen. One that loves her like YOU love us. One that is gentle and kind and that LOVES YOU! Give us many, many more memories with her! And prepare her for our new little one(s) you will be bringing us from Ghana. Help her to be a GREAT sister, and bond them LORD.

Help me to always see her how YOU see her!