Thursday, February 21, 2013

Days 9-12, It's totally not too late to start

Here you go! DAYS 9-12.  I am so happy to be sharing with you what my kiddos and I are doing.  I LOVE hearing feedback from you, just little "hey, we're doing this."  I feel blessed by that, so thank you.  And, will you please let me know if you're kiddos are doing it as well?  If you haven't started and feel like it's too late...haha, it's TOTALLY NOT.  That's SO my personality... welp, I missed that one, so we'll wait until next year.  Let me help you out, if this is you...

1)  They can take as long or as short as you need them too - it's totally doable to do multiple days at a time.  For advent, we did this... we started 1/2 through the advent season and we just talked about 2 passages of scripture and then each kid colored only 1 of the pictures.  We caught up in no time.

2) ALSO, there are more than 40 days from Ash Wednesday until Easter.  Sundays are free (mini-Easters as some say).  So you have extra days built in. :)  We're starting day 9 tomorrow, but you don't have to be there yet, or you could have been waiting for me to publish this round... sorry you overachievers... I'm a procrastinator.

3)  If you feel overwhelmed, I haven't ordered anything really in chronological order except Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) so no one will know if you skip days, well except God and me, because he tells me things, and then I might get really offended. ;)

Doing Lent with my kids has, in essence, made me do Lent - I can't really tell you the last time that I had intentional space and time with God every day by myself.  Life gets overwhelming and SO busy.  I might hit a few days a week, or month, or year of real quality time with my Savior, but when I get my kids involved... holy smokes, they are bad ass accountability partners.  "Mom, can we do our 40 days of Lent."  "No, we can't go to bed, because we haven't done our devotions."  "Dinner can wait, we need to spend time with Jesus."  hahaha... yes, all true quotes from my 4 year olds.  Even my 1 year old is in on it.  She lasts only for 30 seconds, but she loves the coloring.  They might only be in it for the coloring right now, but they are totally grasping each story and pulling wisdom from the Scripture themselves.  I love how these scriptures are truly being meditated over by my 4 year olds.  I can totally learn something from my babies.

I would love to hear how you're spending your Lent.  If you're doing the 40 days of Lent for kids... shoot me a love note.  If you're doing something else, share it - I would love to hear, get inspired, steal your stuff, etc.

Prayers for my Mr as he is single daddy this weekend.  This mama is going away, with her girlfriends, to meet Jesus, and to sleep a whole night (2 whole nights) through without a kid (or husband..ehem ehem) waking me up at all hours of the night.  Excited.  Hopeful.  Desperate for sleep and God.

x, b

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